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About Cubique
Founder Dimitri Chen
Dimitri Chen
Founder, Senior Architect
Co-Founder Paula Mirnov
Paula Mirnov
Co-Founder, Senior Architect

How we transform Ideas into inspiring spaces

From Vision to Reality: Our Seamless Process

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We begin by brainstorming and conceptualizing ideas, drawing inspiration from our clients' visions and the surrounding environment. Through collaborative discussions and creative exploration, we develop concepts that form the foundation of our designs.

Design Development

Once the concepts are established, we dive into the design development phase. Our team of architects and designers work meticulously to translate ideas into tangible plans, refining details and ensuring alignment with the project's objectives and requirements.


With designs finalized, we move forward to bring them to life. Our experienced team oversees the construction process, coordinating with contractors and craftsmen to ensure the vision is executed with precision, resulting in inspiring spaces that exceed expectations.

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